IslamAudio – Islamic audio book, Quran & more 1.1(1.0)


Assalamua’alaikum. JazakAllahu khair for using IslamAudio app! Alhamdulillah, IslamAudio – Islamic audio book, Quran & more version 1.1 (1.0) is now available on the iOS App Store! This update includes a major new feature for your listening experience, bug fixes, and performance improvements. InshaAllah.

Here’s what’s new with this version:

  • Introducing “Chapters” feature in the audio book player. All your islamic audio books, Quran english translation and recitation are now divided into a well organized section in the audio player for you to jump “Chapters” or “Verses” like you would do reading a book or reading the Quran.
  • We’ve also uploaded great new Quran and Children’s content in our Store.
  • Save space in your iOS device. Audio books in My Library can now be removed in two ways. Audio books in your collection can be remove by either removing the audio files only or completely removing both audio files and audio book from your collection. Purchased audio books can be restored in settings if you have removed it.  
  • Performance Improvements. InshaAllah.
  • Bug fixes. InshaAllah.

If you are enjoying using IslamAudio app and Listening to our curated collection of Islamic audio books, please leave us a review.  We want feedback from you. If you find it not useful, have a suggestion for a great audio book, or just want to give salam, email us at


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