IslamAudio iOS App 1.0.2

Assalamua’alaikum. JazakAllahu khair for using IslamAudio app!

IslamAudio iOS App version 1.0.2 (5.1) is now available on the iOS App Store! This update includes new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. InshaAllah. Here’s what’s new with version 1.0.2 (5.1):

  • We take it very seriously when it comes to delivering a high quality user experience using IslamAudio app. For this release and future versions, deep linking is engineered into the app for You to share content that is within IslamAudio app. MashaAllah!
  • Added a placeholder image for all audio books cover artwork in the mobile Store instead of a blank square block before it is loaded from the server.
  • Push notification is now available because we wanted a way to notify You about new Islamic audio books available available to download in the mobile Store from time to time. InshaAllah.
  • Updated Settings screen with additional links to make reaching out to us with Your feedback, improvements or suggestions and bug reporting easier. Download by Wi-Fi is now setup as default instead of using cellular data to download Islamic audio book files into device.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Performance Improvements. InshaAllah.

Please update it now.

If you are enjoying using IslamAudio and Listening to our Islamic audio books, please leave us a review.  We welcome feedback from you. If you find it not useful, have a suggestion for a great audio book, or just want to give salam, email us at or leave a comment.

BarakAllahu feek.

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